[VIDEOS] Trump booed as he arrives for college football game, ‘forgets’ words to national anthem

Donald Trump
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Donald Trump was booed by fans as he attended a college football game between the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia.

The president was at the ceremony to make the opening of the college football national championships on Monday.

But fans were left waiting in the rain outside after the Atlanta stadium was locked down for Trump’s arrival.

Boos were heard along with cheers as Trump’s motorcade pulled up to the stadium and then again during the ceremony, when the divisive politician appeared to forget the words to the national anthem.

Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey tweeted that Trump was “both cheered and booed as he strode to midfield for the national anthem”.

 Mr Dawsey added that it “sounded like mainly cheers.”

He said that Trump “stood stoic at midfield, hand over heart, mouthing words.” (Yahoo News UK)