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Washington Post: ‘US Police shot and killed 987 people In 2017’

A report published on Monday by The Washington Post, Police officers shot and killed nearly 1,000 people in the United States in 2017, slightly more than the previous year.

A total of 987 people were fatally shot by US police in 2017 up from 963 in 2016 and down from 995 in 2015, the Post said.  The newspaper has been logging details of shootings by police in the United States since 2015, tracking local news reports, public records and social media.

The use of deadly force by US police has attracted increased attention in recent years, highlighted by the high-profile slayings of a number of unarmed black men. Nineteen unarmed African-American men were killed by US police in 2017, up from 17 in 2016 but down from 36 in 2015.

Black males nevertheless continue to be shot at disproportionately high rates, the newspaper said.  Black men, both armed and unarmed, accounted for 22 percent of all people shot and killed by US police last year but makeup just six percent of the total US population.

Overall, police shot and killed 68 unarmed people in 2017, up from 51 in 2016 but down from 94 in 2015. “The national spotlight on this issue has made officers more cautious in unarmed situations,” Chuck Wexler, the executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, told the newspaper.

According to the Post database, 735 of the people shot and killed by police last year were armed with knives or guns, up from 693 in 2016. Forty-six police officers were killed in the line of duty in the United States in 2017, down from 66 the previous year, according to FBI figures.

Deadly shootings by police in the United States are far more prevalent than in other developed countries.  According to the British group Inquest, police fatally shot four people in the United Kingdom in 2016. Thirteen people were killed by police bullets in Germany in 2016, according to a study by Berlin’s Tageszeitung newspaper.


H&M apologises for modeling black child in racist hoodie

H&M UK base giant clothier have apologise for using a black child to model a hoodie campaign for kids after receiving major backlash online

They launched the hoodie above on their website with a “coolest monkey in the jungle” slogan.

The company on Monday apologised and removed the offending ad from its website after hundreds of social media users accused it of being racist. “This image has now been removed from all H&M channels and we apologize to anyone this may have offended,” H&M (HNNMY) spokeswoman Anna Eriksson wrote on Twitter.

According to CNN, the image was featured on the British version of the company’s online store. However, many users noticed that the little black boy was the only model to wear the “coolest monkey” sweatshirt, a white child wore a shirt that said “survival expert,” while another wore a sweatshirt with images of animals from the same line.

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Video: Kitten born with three eyes, two mouths and two nose

A kitten with an abnormal features was born on December 20.  Named Bettie Bee by her carer, the cat has two noses, two mouths and three eyes. She is a rare two-faced cat, or “Janus Cat.”

Born in Eastern Cape, South Africa, Bettie Bee was born alongside two other kittens, but her siblings were normal.

It turned out that her double face made it difficult for her to nurse, which meant she was at risk of starving to death.

 Her owner took it to a nearby cat rescuer who is known for taking in special needs cats.

The rescuer, who wishes to remain anonymous, started tube-feeding the kitten. She said she could “feed either mouth, both are functional, both lead to the stomach.”

Because of the kitten’s uniqueness, the rescuer started a Facebook page for Bettie Bee with pictures and updates.

The kitten appears to have a condition called craniofacial duplication, or diprosopus, Newsweek reported.

The online medium noted that while two-headed animals are usually forms of conjoined twinning, two-faced creatures form differently in the womb.

A protein called Sonic Hedgehog Homolog (SHH) signals genes to control for facial width, among other things.

However, if SHH acts abnormally, the face becomes too wide, and parts of it start to duplicate, and you can end up with varying degrees of craniofacial duplication, such as is likely the case with Bettie Bee.

The opposite of this condition, where the face is too narrow, is called cyclopia because it results in the animal having just one, large central eye, like a cyclops.


Craniofacial duplication can deform a brain or make it difficult to eat and breathe, so animals affected by this trait often die in the womb or shortly after birth.

Complete duplication is also highly associated with organ deformities. But Bettie Bee seemed to be doing just fine initially, until her sudden death at 16 days old.

The rescuer said Bettie Bee was growing like a normal kitten. However, a few days after her story of survival went viral, Bettie Bee came down with pneumonia, according to the official page’s Facebook post.

It’s possible that the cat was inhaling with one mouth while drinking from the other, and got milk in her lungs.

The rescuer treated the pneumonia, but then, the kitten vomited and inhaled more liquid. The rescuer decided it was time to take her to a veterinarian to be euthanised.

“She was struggling and I said to myself from the beginning I would not let her suffer,” the rescuer wrote on Facebook.

“For 16 days, I gave my all and so did she, I would do it all over again, she deserved to have a chance at life but sadly it was not meant to be.”

When Newsweek asked the rescuer for comment, she declined, saying she needed time to grieve.

Craniofacial duplication, or diprosopus, occasionally occurs in all sorts of animals, but can come with a host of other complications.

Usually, the animals die in the womb or shortly after birth.

Sometimes the condition can cause brain deformities and is also often associated other fatal mutations.

Cats born with two faces are called “Janus Cats,” named after a two-faced Roman god representing transitions, gateways, and the beginning and the end.

watch the video below…

Kitten born with three eyes, two mouths, two nose in South Africa

Posted by The Bell Times on Monday, January 1, 2018


UN issues red alert, warns world

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has issued “a red alert’’ to the world” ahead of the year 2018.

Guterres said: “On New Year’s Day 2018, I am not issuing an appeal. I am issuing an alert – a red alert for our world.’’

The UN chief, in a new year message, expressed regret that in 2017, the world went in reverse to the appeal for peace.

He said that when he assumed office one year ago, he had appealed for 2017 to be a year for peace.

“Conflicts have deepened and new dangers have emerged. Global anxieties about nuclear weapons are the highest since the Cold War.

“Climate change is moving faster than we are. Inequalities are growing.

“We see horrific violations of human rights. Nationalism and xenophobia are on the rise”.

As the world begins 2018, the UN chief called for global unity.

Guterres added that he truly believed we could make our world more safe and secure.

“We can settle conflicts, overcome hatred and defend shared values. But we can only do that together,” he said.

The UN chief urged leaders everywhere to make this New Year’s resolution: “Narrow the gaps. Bridge the divides. Rebuild trust by bringing people together around common goals.”

Guterres, who assumed office on Jan. 1, 2017, stressed that in 2018, “unity is the path” adding, “our future depends on it”.

“I wish you peace and health in 2018. Thank you. Shokran. Xie Xie. Merci. Spasiba. Gracias. Obrigado,” the ninth UN chief concluded. (NAN)


White House denies Trump’s Nigeria ‘hut’ comment

The White House has denied a report that quoted President Donald Trump as making derogatory statement about immigrants especially Nigerians.

It was alleged that Donald Trump, in reaction to the rising number of migrants in the US, said ”Nigerians never return to their huts after seeing America and Haitian immigrants to the United States all have AIDS”.

Reacting, the White House described the quote as “lies based on anonymous sources”.

A statement issued by White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, said “General Kelly, General McMaster, Secretary Tillerson, and all other senior staff actually in the meeting deny these outrageous claims.

“And it’s both sad and telling the New York Times would print the lies of their anonymous ‘sources’ anyway.”

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Mexican man with the longest penis branded, by the man he took the title from (See their sizes)

47-year-old Jonah Falcon from New York who formerly held the record of the world’s biggest penis for having a 13.5-inch manhood has called out the current holder.

Jonah lost the gong for the planet’s longest penis to Mexican Robert Esquivel Carbrera, 54, who cannot have sex because of the size of his manhood, measured at 18.9 inches.

Now, the New Yorker has branded his record breaker as ‘disgusting’ for cheating to gain extra length.

According to him, his challenger is a fraud because he has been weighing his genitals down and stretching the foreskin to grow his penis.

Mr. Falcon told The Sun Online Mr Carbrera’s was not 19 inches, saying he could have a normal sex life if he got circumsized.

‘The man stretched his foreskin constantly, from what I understand, but it’s normal underneath,’ he said.

‘I think it’s ridiculous and he seems kind of desperate. No matter how big he is, it’s not going to change the fact that I’m 13.5inches.’

Meanwhile, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 54, from the northern town of Saltillo, who boast of 18.9inch manhood is said to have worked on it himself by stretching it using weights.

According to Mail Online, Mr. Carbrera has been officially registered as a disabled and he’s now receiving government handouts, despite refusing to get a reduction because he hopes to find work in the American porn industry.

Below are a list of penis sizes of various animals.

Blue Whale: 96 inches

Elephant: 72 inches

Giraffe: 40 inches

Walrus: 25 inches

Roberto Cabrera: 18 inches

Pig: 18 inches

Argentine blue-bill lake duck: 17 inches

Average human: 5 inches

Chimpanzee: 3 inches

Gorilla: 1 inch

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Man murders his fiancée 5 days before their wedding after she finds out he’s been cheating

A Thai electrical engineer had confessed to the police that he murdered his fiancée less than a week before their wedding.

Ronnachai Panchart, 26, admitted, after being interrogated for several hours, to killing government dental official Nontiya Krowjatturat, 25, early Tuesday morning in Tha Sae district of Chumphon province, reported Bangkok Post.

Ronnachai and Nontiya were supposed to be married on Christmas Eve in Nontiya’s hometown in the province’s Sawi district.

Though police are still trying to pull details from the alleged killer, it seems that infidelity was at the core of the crime.

Police investigators believe that Ronnachai was seeing another woman behind his fiancée‘s back and that he was caught with mystery rich woman when Ronnachai turned up at her finacee’s house and found them there together.

They had a fight, which was also confirmed by Nontiya’s father, who did not go into detail about what the fight was about.

Nontiya, known locally as Dr Por was found dead with gun shot wound to her chest inside the hospital’s staff accommodation that morning.

Tambon Salui hospital officials told police that they heard noise which sounded like a firecracker shortly after midnight from the direction of the victim’s lodging, but did not pay any special attention to it.

Some co-workers became suspicious when the victim did not show up for work in the morning and went to the lodging to find out. They found the door of the lodging locked from inside, but there were traces of the window being burgled.

One of them peeped through a gap in the window and saw a pool of blood on the floor. Then they helped break the door open and found the victim lying dead.

Though the hospital compound has security cameras, the one near her room had been tampered with so that it was facing a different direction. Nearby cameras show a man in a face mask enter the compound at 1am and leave 20 minutes later.

After incriminating clothing worn by the person spotted on CCTV at the scene of the murder was found, police searched Ronnachai’s house and found clothing that matched what the man was wearing in the surveillance video.

Source: Bangkok Post


Tennessee couple welcomes baby girl who grew from an embryo that had been frozen for 24 years

A Tennessee couple has welcomed a baby girl who grew from an embryo that had been frozen for 24 years.

It’s believed to be the longest-frozen embryo to ever result in a birth.

On November 25, 2017, Emma Wren was born to Benjamin and Tina Gibson, weighing 6 lbs. 8 oz. and measuring 20 inches long.

Tina Gibson, 26, became pregnant in March 2017 as the result of a frozen embryo transfer. Before the donated embryo was transferred into her uterus at the National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC) in Knoxville, it had been cryopreserved for more than 24 years, according to an NEDC news release.

Gibson spent her pregnancy carrying an embryo that had actually been conceived and frozen in October 1992, just a year and a half after her own birth.

“This embryo has been frozen for 24 and a half years — at the time, I was only 25,” Gibson said. “I was like, ‘I’m 25 years old, if this embryo would have been born when it was supposed to have been we could have been best friends.’ It’s just a miracle — we’re just so excited and she is such a gift from God, and man we’re just so blessed to have her.”

The research staff at the University of Tennessee Preston Medical Library reports that baby Emma now holds the all-time record for the longest-frozen embryo to result in a birth.

“Emma is such a sweet miracle,” new dad Benjamin Gibson said. “I think she looks pretty perfect to have been frozen all those years ago.”

NEDC medical director Dr. Jeffrey Keenan said he hopes the Gibsons’ story is “a clarion call to all couples who have embryos in long-term storage to consider this life-affirming option for their embryos.”

CBS News’ medical contributor Dr. Tara Narula said Emma’s birth is a “validation of the science of IVF.”

Narula said the difference between an embryo made 24 years ago and one made now is that the science has evolved.

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Graphic photos: Jilted boyfriend stabs girlfriend to death for rejecting his marriage proposal

A jilted man stabbed his girlfriend to death in a shop after she rejected his marriage proposal. He then turned the knife on himself in an unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide.

Shocking photos show the man writhing on the floor in pain, covered in blood after he stabbed himself. He then begged onlookers to kill him, saying, “finish me off” as shoppers and the mother of his slain girlfriend denounced him for his brutal act.

His 23-year-old girlfriend’s body can also be seen under a freezer in the grocery store. According to witnesses, she had been stabbed 17 times.

The man, 26, had followed her into the shop in the Russian city of Ufa, in Bashkortostan region. Earlier, he had waited for her near her house and she had tried to flee from him, according to neighbours.

Then he had approached her outside the shop with a bunch of flowers and asked her to marry him, but she refused, and said she wanted to end their relationship. He then tried to attack her and she ran into the store shouting “Help!”

He followed her screaming, “If I can’t have you, no-one else will” before taking out a knife and stabbing her multiple times. He then plunged the knife into his own chest.


Damian Green, deputy of British prime minister, resigns

Damian Green, deputy of Theresa May, British prime minister, has resigned.

Green stepped down after he was indicted for breaching ministerial code.

He was found to have made “inaccurate and misleading” statements on what he knew about pornography found on a computer in his office in 2008.

Green had been under investigation regarding allegations of inappropriate conduct.

In his letter, he apologised for his action and accepted that the statements he made about pornography investigation fell short of expectation.

“I apologise that my statements were misleading on this point,” he said.

May has accepted his resignation, wishing him well in his future endeavours.

“It is with deep regret, and enduring gratitude for the contribution you have made over many years, that I asked you to resign from the government and have accepted your resignation,” she wrote in a letter addressed to Green.